Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update in a Letter

May 5, 2013
Hello All,

We had hoped to maximize student involvement by scheduling this fun and exciting project during the last few weeks of the regular school year. But winter's icy grip has prevailed. Both our top soil and wood chip sources are still frozen solid.

With several of our key folks being busy in late May, we've decided to reschedule for early June. All of our early planning will pay off. We have all our plants on order and other key material sources identified. We also have several highly qualified groups lined-up to provide some of the critical manpower. These include this year's Master Gardener students and several folks from the Seward Garden Club.

We will also still be involving dozens of students who will be attending summer school and the June Boys and Girls Club events.

Our new plan is to complete all of the garden prep tasks during the first week of June and then do all of the planting during the second week of June. Stay tuned for details on when to plan on volunteering to help.

This project will transform the front of the Elementary School into a native plant park, complete with new paths, benches, and picnic tables. This project will give Seward students the chance to learn about our native plant species as well as  the wildlife that depend on them, and garden care and maintenance.

Please visit our Seward Schoolyard Habitat blog site to find more details and some of our garden design drawings; .

Thanks for all of your support!!

Matt Gray, PE
Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance
Watershed Program Coordinator
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  1. Hi Matt- Please keep me posted about what dates/times you'll be having work days! Looking forward to them!